Ozren Despic

Ozren Despic

Lecturer, Operations & Information Management

Research Interests

My main research focus is on developing mathematical models for their use in efficiency measurement and decision making. Investigating their theoretical properties and applicability in different contexts is one aspect of that research while the other one, equally important, is in the direction of making these models simpler and easier to understand by practitioners. The following list further narrows down the main areas of interest:

  • Data Envelopment Analysis and Performance Measurement
  • Composite Indicators and Aggregation Operators
  • Multi-criteria and Soft Decision Analysis
  • Machine Learning and Optimisation

Teaching Activity


Foundations of Business Analytics (BN1192, BN1192MU)
Optimisation & Decision Analytics (BN2295)
Business Analytics (BN201D)


Decision Models (BNM860, BNK460)


PhD in Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.
BASc in Civil Engineering, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canada.