MSc Accounting and Finance vs. MBA

 MSc Accounting and Finance vs. Online MBA
MSc Accounting and Finance vs. Online MBA

MSc Accounting and Finance vs. MBA

The benefits of pursuing a graduate degree related to business are countless. Aston University offers a well-regarded business school to potential candidates - offering today’s busy professionals flexibility with an online MBA course as well as a online MSc in Accounting and Finance.

Equally challenging and rewarding, both courses are offered by Aston University’s exemplary business school which is triple accredited by the AACSB, AMBA and Equis. Additionally, with more than 20 years’ experience assisting off-campus students, by choosing Aston University you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

However, a common challenge is how to choose between an MBA and an MSc in Accounting and Finance – how can you decide which course best suits you? We will look at the differences in curriculum and the potential future path you can expect to be on after you complete your degree - helping you make the right choice to meet your goals.

What will I Study?

Structure and Style

In terms of intensity of study, both courses involve two years of 100 percent online study, spread over 180 hours, covering 9 modules. Aston University offers 6 intakes per year for both courses - allowing you enhanced convenience for budgeting time and payment around your studies. Each module can be studied individually over seven weeks - six weeks of learning and one week of assessment.

One of the key differences between these two courses is that the MBA equips students with broad based business skills that can be applied in a wide range of areas while the MSc Accounting & Finance is designed for those seeking to become specialists in the subject and its application.

Both courses encourage community based learning. In particular the MBA program encourages you to build a valuable global network – between peers, instructors and potential employers, for you to leverage upon in your future professional endeavours. Similarly, in the MSc course students join a learning community where they can network with instructors as well as peers – creating valuable career connections.

Core Content

In both courses you will attain two thirds of credits through modules of study and assessment.

On the MBA you are able to select “pathway” modules from a range of cutting edge business topics such as intellectual property, international business, management of innovation and more. These are studied in addition to the core curriculum modules allowing you to customize your MBA study to best suit your needs.

With the MSc you will engage in an intensive core curriculum finishing with a final research dissertation so that you achieve a specialist level of knowledge and skills. Students gain an understanding of the roles of accounting and finance in a number of business settings, including the for-profit and non-profit sectors – delving into financial planning, ratio analysis and shareholding, while developing a variety of skills that are desirable to employers.

Final Project

The final third of your study will be toward a major project in the case of an MBA and towards a research based dissertation for the MSc. Students have four blocks (six months) to complete the final project for both courses.

The final MBA project incorporates practical application to a number of business scenarios. Multiple project types are available and can potentially be sourced by your current employer.

For the MSc final research dissertation students apply taught concepts to an organisation’s financial performance. The project is centred on financial reporting combined with company research, evaluation and analysis. The Financial Reporting Project exemplifies Aston’s goal to put theory into practice - and provides you with a valuable, tangible takeaway to present to employers.

Standards of Excellence

The Aston University online MBA has a record of excellence – ranking number 1 in the UK and top 3 in the world for Return on Investment (The Economist 2014), top 20 in the World in the QS Distance Online MBA Rankings 2016 and top 10 University in Online MBAs Global MBA Rankings (CEO Magazine 2016). The course’s success has hinged upon the unique Aston University approach. For example, the “Aston Edge” is an element of the online MBA programme specifically developed to build critical skills such as innovation and complex problem solving through a portfolio perspective.

The Aston online MSc has also been recognised for its success -ranking in the Top 40 Eduniversal Best Masters 2015-16 across the UK and Western Europe. Employers often regard this Aston degree as a significant commitment to accounting and finance industries. The course is unique to the UK by including sustainability and corporate governance topics and is designed for students of all backgrounds seeking to embark upon a career in accounting and finance.

Careers and Outcomes

Aston graduates join a network of more than 200,000 alumni who work in different areas and disciplines – connecting to a vast and valuable network.

The Aston University online MBA is renowned for hinging on entrepreneurship concepts. This factor, combined with initiatives and support provided to improve graduates’ employability means that the course opens up a wide array of employment possibilities. Graduates experience a 64.5% average increase in earnings and find employment either through independent endeavours or in different spheres of business - including senior positions in global firms such as General Electric International, Nike and Samsung Electronics to name a few.

Graduates of MSc Accounting and Finance have gone on to work in various senior positions in international business. Example roles include an accountant at EY (China), a commodities analyst at Deutsche Bank (London) and a risk consultant at KPMG (Russia).

Final Takeaway

Overall the MBA is ideal for students looking to gain broad business acumen and skills while the MSc is ideal for students pursuing a specialist career trajectory in finance and accounting. With either choice, Aston University offers high calibre online resources and support that will help you develop the confidence, skills and network required to reach your professional goals – providing credible and experienced guidance with a proven track record of success.