What Salary Can I Expect After Taking an Online Masters Degree with Aston?

What Salary Can I Expect After Taking an Online Masters Degree with Aston?
What Salary Can I Expect After Taking an Online Masters Degree with Aston?

What Salary Can I Expect After Taking an Online Masters Degree with Aston?

In addition to highlighting your CV in increasingly competitive markets and helping both your personal and professional development, taking an online masters degree with Aston could result in a major boost to your earning potential.

An online master’s degree can remove much of the financial burden associated with other types of postgraduate education, allowing you to enjoy and appreciate the financial rewards that can result from master’s study. There may be many reasons why you could be thinking about studying for an online masters, including:

  • Developing research skills
  • Changing occupation or getting into a profession
  • Pursuing a passion or moving onto a PhD
  • Specialising in a specific area.

Regardless of any other reasons why you may choose to continue your studies online, the average MBA salary in the UK could be a major influencing factor. Figures from The Institute of Student Employers have found that employers impressed by candidates with a masters degree are prepared to offer salaries of more than £3,500 over those that they would offer to individuals with just a bachelor's degree.

According to the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the average annual UK salary for an MBA graduate is £82,000.

Why Study for an Online Masters with Aston?

Masters degrees from UK institutions are highly regarded around the world, meaning that your earning power could be given a globally recognised boost, as could your ability to secure a job. A relevant masters degree from Aston could give you the all-important competitive edge to set you apart from the pack in an overcrowded jobs market, in addition to offering employers more reasons to pay you the salary your knowledge and experience deserves.

With increasing globalisation and the cross-border implications of today's digital enterprise, a globally recognised qualification can only serve to enhance your appeal to potential employers both in the UK and beyond.

An MBA demonstrates to a would-be employer that you can commit to and stick with an intense work schedule: evidence that could be hugely beneficial when it comes to moving up the career ladder and reaching the higher echelons of the salary scale. An employer is far more likely to invest in an individual with a proven track record of demonstrating commitment to a given course of action. Tenacity is the watchword of most senior teams.

Your employer may offer to support you financially as you complete your online course, or a new employer may be willing to negotiate this deal as part of an onboarding package.

Even in the context of an online course, the value of social media networking with like-minded and similarly capable MBA students should not be underestimated. The hidden economy is alive and well, with alumni from the same institution routinely entering into business relationships that may not be accessible to external parties.

Factors to Consider

If you really want to boost your earning potential, it is important to ensure that your qualification is chosen to fulfil your genuine ambitions and career goals. This will give you the motivation you need to succeed academically, professionally and, ultimately, financially.