Can you get an MBA Without an Undergraduate in Business?

MBA degree without a business undergraduate degree
MBA degree without a business undergraduate degree

Can you get an MBA Without an Undergraduate in Business?

As you consider pursuing a masters degree in business administration (MBA), you may wonder if you have the wrong undergraduate degree for this track. After all, a graduate programme in business typically turns promising business professionals into business leaders. You can get an MBA without an undergraduate degree in business through the online MBA programme at Aston University.

The Value of Experience

Professors and admissions professionals often place an applicant’s work experience on a similar level to their past academic performance. An MBA is an advanced specialised degree that can be tough to complete without time spent in the workplace. Workplace experiences place theoretical lessons on finance, management and leadership into real-world contexts. An experienced professional also has better odds of leaving an MBA programme ready for a leadership role than a college graduate with no experience.

The Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) published a report in 2009 that foretold the evolution of MBA admissions standards toward viewing work experience as valuable for MBA students. This report found that amount of work experience represented the most significant variable to student success among factors like personality type and programme type.

MBA programmes may ask prospective students to demonstrate anywhere from two years to five years of professional experience as part of their applications. In programmes that don’t require work experience, your time spent in the professional world is likely to be seen as an asset. You’ll notice that a business undergraduate degree does not pop up in any of these cases. Whether you’ve studied art or zoology, you can hit the ground running in your MBA programme without a business degree.

Aston University’s online MBA programme weighs professional experiences heavily into its admissions process. There is also a route to the programme for experienced professionals who do not hold undergraduate degrees. Aston University provides an alumni network and connections to fellow professionals that are tough to find through other programmes. Your love of business and your unique experiences are the keys to these networking opportunities.

Bringing New Ideas to the Business World

Businesses across the world thrive on new perspectives and fresh ideas. The same concept applies to MBA programmes. Universities that exclusively look for graduate students with undergraduate business degrees create groupthink that can harm creativity. An MBA student with a liberal arts or science degree may hold the key to innovations for their future employers.

Liberal arts graduates are particularly strong candidates for MBA programmes. These students learn the critical thinking, research, and communications skills necessary to discuss difficult concepts with diverse audiences. The Association of American Colleges & Universities (AACU) found that liberal arts graduates experience better earnings late in their careers and unemployment rates on par with professional degree holders. In short, a business undergraduate degree does not offer the only path to financial and professional success.

Students of Aston University’s online MBA programme need not hold business degrees before beginning their coursework. This two-year programme covers everything from organisational strategy to global economic development to prepare graduates for the modern economy. Instructors and peers in the programme appreciate diverse backgrounds because they challenge assumed knowledge of business concepts.

Examples of Leaders with Unique Backgrounds

Your desire to complete an MBA degree without a business undergraduate degree is not unprecedented. After all, an entrepreneurial spirit and a penchant for innovative ideas are not skills unique to business leaders. Recent history provides plenty of examples for those who want to follow different paths to business success.

Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner graduated with a degree in English literature before working his way up the media business ladder. Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina completed her degree in medieval history before turning a sales job into an executive role. YouTube CEO Susan Wojicki earned her history and literature degree and then moved up the Google hierarchy. These examples show that liberal arts skills along with determination and focus are invaluable in rising through the corporate ranks.

Aston University allows its online MBA students to select from four paths so they can get the most out of their educational experiences. The global business, finance, organisational development, and entrepreneurship tracks are geared toward students who want to compete in the global marketplace. With your work experience and unique skills, you can turn an Aston University MBA into a key to a thriving career.