What are the top business and management jobs for graduates?

What are the top business and management jobs for graduates? blog header
What are the top business and management jobs for graduates? blog header

What are the top business and management jobs for graduates?

Choosing business and management as a career can be a lucrative and fulfilling path for young professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) calculated an average salary of $104,240 for management professionals in 2018. This average included salaries for administrative service managers ($96,180), benefits managers ($121,010), and financial managers ($127,990). The BLS found an 8% projected job growth for managers from 2016 to 2026. These jobs require undergraduate degrees and years of experience in the field that are achievable for enterprising young professionals. 

There are plenty of business and management jobs for graduates who are just entering the field. The BLS found market research analysts earned $62,150 and compliance officers earned $65,640 in 2016. The bureau also found that professionals in business and finance occupations earned average salaries of $68,350 in 2018. These salaries exceed the average incomes for other professions and new business professionals can quickly move into mid-level positions with excellent performance levels. 

To prepare for business and management as a career, you can build your skills and professional network with Aston University’s online Business & Management programme. This online programme teaches important skills like presentations, information technology, and critical analysis. Students also benefit from the school’s high return on investment and affordable tuition. With an online degree from Aston University, graduates can stand above the competition for top jobs described below. 

Financial managers

U.S. News & World Report ranked financial managers among their top five business jobs for 2019. This rank was achieved due to a high median salary along with 108,600 projected jobs in the United States. Financial managers oversee the short-term and long-term growth of corporate portfolios. This work includes coordinating financial goals, investing portfolio funds in global markets, and issuing reports on portfolio performance. 

The BLS found that financial managers typically have bachelor’s degrees and at least five years of professional experience. Positions in this career path are abundant with a 19 percent projected growth in available jobs from 2016 to 2026. Aspiring financial managers should focus in particular on risk and investment management skills that are frequently in high demand. 

Operations research analyst

Operations research analysts blend mathematical knowledge, analytical skills, and business acumen to help companies anticipate challenges. Professionals in this field deploy data mining techniques and algorithms to take operations research out of the realm of the subjective. An operations research analyst should consider an advanced degree beyond their business degree to stay competitive in this growing field. 

Companies are on the hunt for operations research analysts because their skills can streamline budgets and discover new revenue streams. The BLS estimated a 27 percent growth in available jobs for this career path from 2016 to 2026. Operations research analysts earned $83,390 on average in 2018 with an additional 31,300 jobs in the United States by 2026. Data-oriented professionals should keep these statistics in mind when choosing business and management as a career. 

Market research analyst

Market research analysts forecast the current market and future opportunities for products and services. These analysts are employed by small businesses and large corporations to understand consumer wants and needs. Professionals in this field also look at product prices, feature trends, and market variability to determine how products can make the biggest splash. From toys to vehicles, market research analysts are capable of identifying market gaps to be exploited by their employers. 

The BLS estimated an average salary of $63,120 for this profession in 2018. Companies across the world are looking for market research analysts because they can make sense of consumer data. The high demand for analysts is confirmed by a 23 percent projected growth in jobs in the United States from 2016 to 2026. This career is an ideal starting point for business professionals who have keen eyes for market conditions. 

Budget analyst

Project, departmental, and company budgets are complicated documents that require analytical and financial skills. Budget analysts are tasked with maintaining these documents and working with financial staff members to track revenues, expenses, and investments. These professionals are also asked to write reports and communicate budgetary issues to stakeholders with varying degrees of financial knowledge. In short, budget analysts need to switch from detailed analysis to approachable communications throughout their work. 

This career path offers a good entryway into the business world for graduates with accounting and statistics knowledge. The BLS estimated a 7 percent growth in available jobs for budget analysts from 2016 to 2026. Budget analysts earned $76,220 per year on average in 2018. Professionals in this field can also find work in the nonprofit and governmental fields if they decide for career changes. 

Human resources specialist

Human resources specialists combine familiarity with business principles, interpersonal skills, and talent identification to help their employers succeed. A specialist is tasked with finding new talent and promoting existing talent for promotion within a company. Human resources professionals are also asked to handle compensation reviews, training, and disciplinary processes for staff members. 

When choosing business and management as a career, professionals should consider stability as a virtue in future jobs. Human resources specialists earned an average salary of $60,880 in 2018. The BLS projected a 7 percent growth in human resources specialist jobs from 2016 to 2026. Professionals in this field also have opportunities to advance into other leadership positions given their familiarity with personnel and legal principles. 

Aspiring human resource specialists and other professionals can start their careers while pursuing the online Business & Management degree from Aston University. Courses like accounting for non-financial managers and operations management provide the flexibility needed by working students. This programme takes two years to complete and places graduates in a global alumni network with thousands of other professionals. Aston University offers degree concentrations like finance and entrepreneurship that focus student work. 


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