Virtual Study Abroad Programmes for Your Online MBA

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Virtual Study Abroad Programmes for Your Online MBA

An online MBA programme can open doors for business professionals hoping to excel in their careers, earn a higher salary and gain valuable skills. However, an online MBA programme is unrestricted by geographical boundaries like a traditional in-person programme. Motivated individuals are now exploring virtual experiences abroad to grant them a global business perspective and a culturally-rich learning experience. 

The drastic reduction in global travel induced by COVID-19 has further supported the participation in virtual education abroad. According to the article “Education Abroad in a Post-COVID-19 World”, author Brian Whalen says, “Institutions are very likely to be wary of restarting education abroad in the way that it has been practised up to now. In fact, in this moment, institutions have an opportunity to understand and conceive of education abroad in new ways that can continue to make it a high-impact practice.”

Students do not need to forego the vibrant and exciting experiences gained from studying abroad. Business professionals enrolled in a virtual study abroad programme can access a cross-cultural education that complements their busy schedule safely at home.

Benefits of Virtual Study Abroad Programmes for Your Online MBA

Students that study abroad online experience the best of both worlds when they complete global business courses from the comfort of their home. Not only can an online MBA programme offer business professionals a high-quality education and personalised curriculum, but it also grants students entry to a global network of peers, alumni and world-class business leaders. Learn more about the benefits of undertaking an online MBA programme abroad. 

Save On Costs

One practical benefit of studying abroad virtually is the cost-saving potential. An online MBA programme can be affordable and produce an impressive return on investment for graduates. Unlike part-time MBA programmes that require students to sit in a classroom, an online MBA programme that is 100 per cent online allows students to skip the commute and complete their education without sacrificing a part-time or full-time job. 

Students undertaking an online MBA programme abroad can immerse themselves in the teachings of another country without spending thousands of additional pounds on plane tickets, room and board and other tertiary living expenses. 

For example, the cost of living in the UK varies from the cost of living in the United States. According to a comparative survey, real estate prices and rent (19 per cent more), essential utilities (52 per cent more) and clothing and shoe prices (26 per cent more) are all ranked as more expensive in the UK than in the United States. Students who elect to take a virtual study abroad programme can earn a UK degree from the comfort of their home and save on unnecessary expenses. 

An online MBA programme can also offer reduced tuition when compared to full-time or part-time programmes hosted on campus. Students completing their MBA programme online circumvent overhead rates spent on building operations and facilities. The cost savings online students enjoy is a persuasive motivator for taking an international programme virtually.   

Create a Flexible Schedule

An attractive benefit for business professionals starting to study abroad as an online student is the flexibility of a 100 per cent online MBA programme. Flexible study options allow students to work full-time while completing their degree. Many students undertaking their MBA are ambitious, hard-working professionals that don’t want to put their career on pause to further their education. 

Select schools that offer online MBA programmes allow students to apply for an MBA using work experience, rather than an undergraduate degree, as an entryway. Flexible MBA programmes also provide fast-track options that enable students to complete their degree in as little as two years. 

Advance Your Career

An online MBA programme develops advanced managerial skills, enhances strategic thinking and decision-making, and produces graduates who can affect organisational change. Professionals can use the critical skills garnered from an online MBA to advance their careers. 

According to John Byrne, a professional in education and contributor at Forbes, “many graduates of online MBA programs are reporting positive outcomes immediately after getting their degrees.” Byrne reported that online graduates are reporting average salary increases of 29 per cent over their pre-MBA pay and 76 per cent of online students have received promotions or started new jobs while in the MBA program. Pursuing an MBA online can reap great rewards for working professionals both during and after the completion of their programme.

Gain a Global Business Perspective

Although many MBA programmes promise that students will learn a global business perspective, taking an online MBA programme in a different country is a truly immersive international education experience. 

One of the world’s most popular hubs for businesses and business education is in the UK. The UK is rife with successful startups, small businesses and enterprises. According to Entrepreneur, London is a thriving business hub, as well as regions in the North in Manchester and Leeds, the South in Brighton and the West in Bristol.


The UK Business Landscape

The world is becoming increasingly connected and it’s no longer necessary to limit a career to one city or even one country. Business professionals can explore career opportunities in various economies to enhance their employability, career growth and salary options. 

The UK is the sixth-largest economy in the world, primarily driven by the services sector, manufacturing and agriculture industry. PwC’s report “The World in 2050”, found that the UK will likely remain in the world’s top ten highest-grossing economies, along with other frontrunners such as China, the US and India for the next thirty years. PwC went on to say, “international companies need strategies that are flexible enough to adapt to local customer preferences and rapidly evolving local market dynamics.”

Students completing a virtual study abroad programme in the UK will have a grasp on concepts such as global market dynamics, change management, organisational development and business strategies. These essential business skills help professionals better navigate future career opportunities in the world’s fastest-growing economies. 

Prospects, a platform focused on career advice and job opportunities, now say that an understanding of international business is more important than ever before: “International business programmes give students an understanding of the different business management practices found all over the world, and prepare them for graduate careers working abroad or in organisations that are engaged in business on a global scale.”

Cross-cultural business acumen can serve professionals working from their home country. Business advisors, marketing executives, business analysts and other popular jobs in business depend on global markets to function. Business professionals with a global MBA degree and international education have an advantage in the job market that the competition may lack. 

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Global Career Opportunities, Responsibilities and Salaries

Business students that decide to study abroad as an online student in the UK can enter the growing job market in the UK and earn a generous salary. The following career opportunities reflect the positions, duties and pay scale MBA graduates can expect after their graduation.

Business Development Manager

Senior Salary: £80,000


  • Generate sales leads for the business

  • Communicate product development to prospective clients

  • Write and present business reports

  • Communicate feedback and strategies with management 

Business Analyst

Senior Salary: £50,000


  • Gather and analyse customer data reports

  • Research, create and communicate business strategies to stakeholders

  • Guide and lead junior staff members

  • Consistently review and improve the execution of internal business strategies

Business Consultant

Senior Salary: £66,000


  • Organise and conduct business projects for clients

  • Collect research through surveys, interviews, questionnaires, etc. 

  • Track KPIs and consistently recommend detailed business plans to help clients improve business performance

Marketing Executive

Senior Salary: £75,000


  • Manage and implement marketing strategies

  • Identify audience personas through research and reporting

  • Monitor the success of marketing campaigns through analytics and tracking

  • Manage marketing team members and activities

Financial Analyst

Senior Salary: £51,000


  • Identify trends in global financial markets

  • Improve the financial status of clients through constant monitoring

  • Recommend action based on financial analysis

  • Determine budgets, cost, revenue performance and other essential financial reporting

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Senior Salary: £171,000    


  • Manage overall operations and resources of a company

  • Make informed, high-level strategic business decisions 

  • Set the tone, vision and goals of a company or organisation

  • Communicate between a board of directors and corporate operations

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Study in the UK From Abroad With Aston University Online

Are you ready to immerse yourself in a business-focused, international education in the UK? At Aston University, we offer a highly flexible and affordable online MBA programme based in the UK. Our advanced business degree programme offers working professionals an opportunity to build skills, increase employability and enter the UK job market with numerous professional connections. 

What should you expect from the Aston University Online MBA programme? 

  • 100 per cent online education 

  • Affordable and accredited degree

  • Connections to like-minded peers, alumni and mentors

  • Flexible study options designed for working professionals

  • Completion in two years with six intakes per year

  • Triple accredited school by AACSB, AMBA and Equis

Aston University also has a network of successful alumni that continue to endorse the ROI provided by their online MBA programme. Aston University is your passport to a vibrant and cross-cultural learning experience based in the UK.  

Explore your future in global business with Aston University.