10 Ways a DBA Degree Can Benefit Business Owners

10 Ways a DBA Degree Can Benefit Business Owners
10 Ways a DBA Degree Can Benefit Business Owners

10 Ways a DBA Degree Can Benefit Business Owners

A business owner with a doctor of business administration enjoys numerous advantages for their career and business as a result of advanced education. A Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree is an asset to business owners, but a DBA degree shows customers, stakeholders and clients that you have invested the time and effort to complete the highest academic qualification in business administration. 

A DBA degree is awarded to experienced professionals after the completion of advanced business studies, intensive research and an applied final project with a dedicated supervisor in your area of interest. If you’re looking to compare UK universities, Aston University offers a highly accredited, flexible UK DBA degree designed for motivated business owners. 

In this blog, learn more about how completing a UK DBA degree can help you grow your business and become a thought leader in your industry — and why the UK is one of the top locations to pursue a DBA degree.

1. Convert Business Theory Into Practice

Business professionals with an MBA degree learn business administration skills related to accounting, human resources, business law, operations management and other core areas. Professionals completing their MBA degree can pursue a concentration, such as economics or accounting, which teaches current theories and the latest business strategies. 

Although MBA degrees are excellent avenues to learn the fundamentals of business, a doctor of business administration takes learning to the next level by assigning a practical, real-world research project. A doctor of business administration degree is the highest academic qualification in business administration and teaches you how to convert business theory into practice. 

Paul Joesbury is the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) at Chesapeake Packaging and a graduate from Aston University’s UK DBA programme. Paul selected a highly relevant topic for his research project and published the paper “Improving the Effectiveness of Procurement” for his thesis. 

“The DBA allowed me to make the transition from a corporate world and learn the academic way of doing business,” said Paul on his experience in Aston’s UK DBA. His thesis produced a comprehensive analysis around the identification and improvement of key determinant factors in the process of procurement. 

Paul’s education and research is directly applicable to his role as a CPO at a packaging company. Not only did Paul continue to apply his findings in the workplace, he also became a lecturer about the common challenges in the paper and packaging industry to other industry professionals.

Experienced Business Mentor

2. Connect With an Experienced Business Mentor

Entrepreneurs with mentors are more satisfied in their jobs, report greater business growth and are more likely to become top performers in their industry, according to Forbes

CNBC reported that more than four in ten workers who don’t have mentors considered quitting their job in the past three months, whereas, nine in ten workers who have mentors report being happy in their jobs. 

The Service Corp of Retired Executives (SCORE) found that 30% of entrepreneurs who had one experience with a business mentor reported business growth. This percentage increased relative to the frequency of interactions with the mentor.

Students enrolled in a DBA degree match with a designated research partner and develop a mentor-mentee relationship to learn and excel in their industry. When you compare UK universities, you should seek out a UK DBA degree that offers mentorship opportunities.

Not only do business professionals feel more satisfied and perform better with a mentor, but they also develop as individuals. A recent study found that 33% of founders who are mentored by successful entrepreneurs go on to become top performers themselves. Enrolling in a UK DBA programme is an entryway to a network of international researchers and lifelong mentors. 

3. Grow Your Business While Completing Your Degree

Pursuing a DBA degree shouldn’t slow down your business development. If you compare UK universities, look for a UK DBA programme that offers flexibility and can be completed online. Aston University’s executive DBA degree couples distance learning with world-class supervision to ensure you receive a comprehensive learning experience.

Aston University online uses the Blackboard™ Virtual Learning Environment to teach through various mediums, including:

  • Podcasts
  • Webinars 
  • Vodcasts
  • Directed reading
  • Online tasks and quizzes 
  • Video conferencing for live discussions and research supervision 

The DBA degree structure is also designed for professionals working full-time. Business owners can continue to dedicate time to their organisation, while simultaneously acquiring an advanced DBA degree. 

4. Choose a Research Project Directly Related to Your Business

When you apply for the executive DBA degree, you must submit a research proposal to demonstrate your topic of interest and how you plan on exploring your topic. At Aston University, professionals select research topics related to their industry and often use their findings to grow their business and career.

UK DBA graduate John Blakey was always fascinated about the relationship between leadership and trust. John embarked on a research project at Aston University and his dedicated research and hard work later became the published book “The Trusted Executive” about transforming the performance of organisations, delivering better results and growing relationships through the power of trust.

John demonstrates that the research from a DBA degree can be transferred to serve your career and your business long-term. When you compare UK universities, read testimonials to find inspirational graduates that have seen success in their business after completing a UK DBA degree. 

data analytics research

5. Leverage Data for Better Business Insights

Companies that make evidence-informed decisions based on data see measurable success. Business.com has predicted that data analytics will be a key differentiator for small businesses in the contemporary business world:

“Data analytics provide SMBs with incredibly detailed insights into all aspects of operations. For example, data analytics provides a detailed analysis of customer behaviour. In turn, allows business owners to learn what motivates consumers to buy their products or services.”

If you’re ready to compare UK universities before choosing a UK DBA programme, look for programmes that focus heavily on data analytics and research in courses like:

  • Applied Research Methods
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods
  • Professional Development and Research Impact

Business owners with a UK DBA degree can use their newfound data analytics skills to research customer behaviour, track insights and create data-informed business plans that drive results. 

6. Become a Better Leader 

Experience, education and confidence set leaders apart from other professionals — and a DBA degree can nurture all three. Leaders are lifetime learners that constantly seek new information and skills to foster growth.

Isabella Moore is an experienced entrepreneur and researcher based in the UK. She was the first female President of the British Chambers of Commerce and Vice-President of Eurochambres, the association of European Chambers of Commerce. She was also Chairman of the Confederation of West Midlands Chambers of Commerce and CEO of CILT, the National Centre for Languages. 

Isabella is currently the Chair of the National Women's Enterprise Panel and President of the Eurochambres Women's Network. She values leadership and advocates for women in business leadership roles. Isabella embarked on a relevant research project in a UK DBA at Aston University and decided to dive deeper into the obstacles and restrictions women face in the workplace.

Isabella commented on her UK DBA findings: “My current research interest is in senior female entrepreneurship and particularly how the entrepreneurial intentions of older women are triggered. I am a senior entrepreneur and understand well the problems older women face when considering venture creation.” 

When Isabella earned her DBA degree, she used both her personal experience in the business landscape and her research to advocate for other women and educate others in an effort to increase opportunities for women in business. Isabella’s DBA degree research project is an example of how great leaders never stop learning.

7. Make Strategic Business Decisions

Researchers are strategic thinkers that transform raw data into actionable insights. Many professionals completing a DBA degree specialise in business strategy to learn how to make better business decisions. 

Dr Neil Shepherd and Dr John Rudd, researchers from Aston University, produced the final paper, “Getting Our Hands Dirty: A Case Study Investigation of Strategic Decision Implementation” during a UK DBA degree. The paper is intended to:

  • Critically review the strategic decision-making process literature to highlight the underlying themes.
  • Identify the opportunities for future theory development.
  • State the methodological implications of the research.

Researchers completing their DBA degree in this area discover the most successful strategic decision-making processes based on extensive research and apply these findings to real-world settings. The final result is a smarter executive with the tools needed to grow their business.

Establish International Influence

8. Establish International Influence

The UK is a hub for business activity. According to the UK government, the UK recently climbed to eighth-place on the World Bank’s “ease of doing business” list. The Secretary of State for International Trade commented on this and said, “This is why Britain continues to be the number one destination for attracting foreign direct investment in Europe, and third globally after the USA and China.”

Enrolling in a UK DBA degree programme opens doors to build international connections and grow your business in one of the world’s most lucrative business markets. Compare UK universities to find a school that has worldwide recognition. Aston University is globally ranked and recognised alongside other prestigious universities such as Harvard and Pepperdine. Aston’s Executive DBA programme has also been ranked by CEO Magazine as one of the best in the world. 

Business professionals hoping to break into international marketplaces and connect with clients, stakeholders and customers from around the world can benefit from a highly recognised UK university.

9. Develop Your Understanding of Ethical Business Practices

Ethical businesses show higher rates of employee morale, less turnover, more positive public images and greater customer loyalty, according to Investopedia. Investopedia references a study where 55% of online shoppers in 60 countries reported that they would pay higher prices from companies that have committed to making a positive impact on society and the environment. 

Business owners can learn the foundations of business ethics in a DBA degree programme and use their findings to develop ethical companies that positively impact the world. Dr Rakesh Bissoondeeal, executive DBA Director at Aston University recognises Aston’s impact on the small business community:

“The Goldman Sachs 10,000 small business programme at Aston Business School is designed to boost local economic growth and job creation through providing a combination of targeted, high-quality, practical business education and support services to small businesses and social enterprises.”

If you compare UK universities, search for a university that gives back to the local community and teaches the same ethical business decisions in their UK DBA programme. 

10. Become a Thought Leader in Your Industry

Completing an intensive research assignment through a DBA degree is an opportunity to become an expert in your field. A thought leader is “someone who, based on their expertise and perspective in an industry, offers unique guidance, inspires innovation and influences others.”

John Blakey graduated from Aston University’s DBA programme after he took the time to compare UK universities. Blakey is an executive coach to CEOs, a keynote speaker, an author, and after completing his UK DBA degree, he is now considered to be a thought leader in the realm of leadership and trust.

Blakey recognises the impact of his DBA degree research project on his success when he says, “I knew if I wanted to make an impact in the world of leadership, I knew I needed to have that real, substantive research behind my work.”

He worked closely with his designated supervisor and mentor Dr Ann Davis to translate his learnings into a published book. “He is now identified as a world-renowned expert in trust as a result of the first study that he did for his DBA,” Davis says.

Compare UK Universities

Are you ready to compare UK universities and find the right UK DBA programme? There are several important factors you should examine when you compare UK universities based on their DBA degree programmes. As a business owner, ask the following questions when you compare UK universities:

  • Is the university accredited and globally recognised?
  • Is the DBA degree accredited and globally recognised?
  • Does the university support small businesses?
  • Does the DBA programme offer flexible distance learning? 
  • Does the DBA programme have a network of successful alumni?
  • Does it give me the opportunity to grow my network globally?

Aston University is recognised as a premier DBA provider showcased with other prestigious universities such as Harvard and Pepperdine and ranked among the elite 1% of business schools. The Teaching Excellence Framework awarded Aston University recognition as GOLD due to the immense faculty support and personalised learning experience at the school.

If you compare UK universities, you will find that Aston University stands out in offering flexibility, professional distinction and teaching excellence. Business owners will benefit from an online format that allows busy professionals to complete their UK DBA part-time while growing their business. 

The programme was awarded the “Small Business Charter Gold Award” due to the exceptional support Aston University offers the small business community. As a business owner, you can expect the same unwavering support from your school after graduation. Grow your business with the mentorship of thousands of skilled business educators and lucrative alumni.

Grow Your Business With a UK DBA Degree

Explore how to advance your business goals with an executive UK DBA degree from Aston University.