Become a Successful Business Leader in Aston’s MSc Business & Management Suite

Aston University campus
Aston University campus

Become a Successful Business Leader in Aston’s MSc Business & Management Suite

As emerging skills, digital technologies and international markets develop, today’s career paths in business are more diverse and specialised than ever. Aston University’s recently launched online MSc Business & Management Suite is intended for professionals who want to learn practical business skills, step into leadership positions and accelerate their career with relevant experience in their field. Learn more about the comprehensive programmes customised to your desired skill set. 

What is the MSc Business & Management Suite? 

Aston University’s MSc Business & Management suite offers six business programmes that include a series of online business management courses related to management, finance and entrepreneurship. The modules are flexible, part-time and designed for working professionals who require independent learning with personalised support. 

Online Business Management Courses in the MSc Business & Management Suite 

At Aston University, we don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all business programme, which is why the MSc Business & Management suite offers six programmes that align with individual career goals. Our distance learning MSc Business & Management programmes impart core business skills alongside Aston’s sterling reputation in fully online, flexible modules. 

MSc Business & Management

The MSc Business & Management programme focuses on essential management principles, business theory and techniques that are broadly applicable in a range of professions. 

Core skills:

  • Managerial Thinking: Learn the theories, concepts and practices of successful management in global contexts. 
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Develop an understanding of the global business environment that influences business decisions.
  • Functional Expertise: Gain the experience needed to practically apply your knowledge at work.

MSc Management & Finance

The MSc Management & Finance programme is designed for professionals in the financial sector who want to learn modern financial reporting, build advanced financial skills and acquire critical management skills needed to lead finance teams.

Core skills:

  • Financial Decision-Making: Understand how to lead financial decision-making within a range of organisations. 
  • Critical Analysis: Build financial techniques needed to analyse, evaluate and propose recommendations to business challenges. 
  • Global Perspective: Gain an advanced understanding of finance in a global setting and opportunities across international markets.

MSc Global Business Management

The MSc Global Business Management programme attracts international business professionals and helps students cultivate a deep understanding of the global business environment. Students learn essential economics, business management and problem-solving abilities required to benefit international organisations. 

Core skills:

  • Global Vision: Build an advanced understanding of international management theory and practice among different organisations and markets.
  • Problem Solving: Learn how to practically implement concepts to address business challenges on an international scale.
  • Critical Analysis: Evaluate a range of leadership issues and solutions with applied management skills. 

MSc Business & Entrepreneurship

The MSc Business & Entrepreneurship programme teaches students how to start a successful small business and how to innovate within an existing organisation for continued success.

Core skills:

  • Creative Mindset: Understand how to cultivate a multidisciplinary approach to organisational opportunities and challenges. 
  • Thoughtful Leadership: Practice real-life application of management theory to inform bold decision-making.
  • Networking Confidence: Join a global network of over 90,000 Aston alumni whilst working on real-world projects.

MSc Management & Innovation

The MSc Management & Innovation programme sets you up for success in an ever-changing global business landscape by teaching agility, people management skills and solution-oriented methodologies. You will develop a fresh perspective on how to unleash the highest potential of an organisation or team.

Core skills:

  • Creative Perspective: Practice creative thinking and address challenges in fast-developing commercial environments through innovation. 
  • Problem-Solving: Build systems thinking as an effective approach to find solutions and creatively overcome obstacles. 
  • Critical Thinking: Learn how to investigate and respond to a range of organisational challenges and opportunities.

MSc Management in a Digital Economy

The MSc Management in a Digital Economy programme teaches you how to operate within the evolving digital business environment and gain insight to be ready for technological advancements and trends.

Core skills:

  • Decision-Making: Understand strategic management and the implications of this in a progressive digital economy.
  • Critical Analysis: Practice data interpretation and analysis to inform business strategy. 
  • Problem-Solving: Learn theory, concepts and management tools to respond to management challenges within the evolving digital context.

What is the Value of MSc Business Management?

Specialised online business management courses allow employers to identify distinct skill sets and help graduates enter leadership roles and earn higher salaries. The various branches of study can be easily transferred to real-world positions and aspirations. You can enrol in Business & Management and earn up to £67K per year as a Business Manager or enrol in Global Business Management and earn as much as £140K per year as a Global Business Manager. 

Why Study With Aston University?

Build your reputation with a school that has established itself internationally. Aston University is a globally distinguished university that is proudly recognised by numerous education authorities, including: 

  • University of the Year, The Guardian 2020
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurial University, Times Higher Education 2020
  • Triple Accreditation, from Equis, AACSB and AMBA
  • 30th Best University in the UK, The Guardian University Guide 2021

Find Your Niche and Become an Industry Expert in the MSc Business & Management Programme

Are you an ambitious professional interested in gaining experience and joining a top international university? Start by choosing your custom programme, acquiring high-demand career skills and connecting with over 90,000 alumni from around the world through the MSc Business & Management suite programmes. The first intake of students to Aston University’s MSc Business & Management suite programmes commences in May 2021.

Accelerate your business career by enrolling in a world-renowned MSc Business & Management suite programme.

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