Gain Emerging Career Skills in Aston’s MSc Business Analytics Suite

Aston University campus
Aston University campus

Gain Emerging Career Skills in Aston’s MSc Business Analytics Suite

The Big Data and business analytics market is booming and the rise in the adoption of analytics software is fuelling the demand for business professionals with a Master’s in Business Analytics. Business analytics is a thriving industry with a positive outlook. A recent report found that the global Big Data and analytics market is set to rise at a 31% rate and anticipated to earn a revenue of $224.3 billion from 2019 to 2026. 

In a business world more diverse than ever, Aston University has officially launched a new MSc Business Analytics suite to prepare analytics professionals with the high-demand skills needed to succeed. 

What is the MSc Business Analytics Suite? 

The MSc Business Analytics suite is designed for professionals who want to expand their business aptitude to include practical analytics, including an understanding of software packages, machine learning algorithms, predictive modelling and other cutting-edge competencies. Aston University’s Master’s in Business Analytics online experience is flexible and manageable for professionals with a busy schedule.

What is the Value of a Master’s in Business Analytics?

There is a significant data skills gap affecting the majority of organisations. In the UK, over one third (36%) of companies claim that business intelligence positions are the most difficult to hire. A recent study investigated the widening of the analytics skills gap and found, “the most critical item noted in the age of data is the lack of people with the required skill-set to turn raw data into actionable insights.”

The MSc Business Analytics suite offers professionals three unique programmes tailored to different career paths and builds the high-demand skills needed to convert data into strategic business insights. Professionals who offer these indispensable skills become valuable assets to companies and increase their earning and promotion potential.

Online Business Management Courses in the MSc Business & Management Suite 

Our distance learning MSc Business Analytics suite offers students three distinct programmes, including the MSc Business Analytics, MSc Management & Analytics and MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics. You can choose a unique business analytics programme, earn core skills and accelerate your desired career path.

MSc Business Analytics

The MSc Business Analytics is a foundational programme for aspiring and practising business managers. This programme focuses on three types of data analytics, including descriptive, predictive and prescriptive. Every business analytics course combines theory with practical application to inform real-world business decisions. 

Core skills:

  • Problem-Solving: Use analytical tools to inform effective management and lead data-driven teams and organisations.
  • Strategic Decision-Making: Uncover patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences to make informed decisions. 
  • Analytical Expertise: Gain confidence and experience needed to practically apply software packages, machine learning algorithms, text analytics and predictive modelling.

MSc Management & Analytics

The MSc Management & Analytics programme helps professionals build a greater understanding of the tools, techniques and strategies needed to maximise the insights from big data to inform decision-making. 

Core skills:

  • Managerial Behaviour: Gain leadership skills, including effective communication, confidence presenting and creative problem-solving.
  • Analytical Thinking: Apply predictive business and financial analytics and advanced statistical and marketing models to drive strategy.
  • Technical Expertise: Obtain hands-on experience with software packages such as R, Python, SQL and related languages. 

MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics

The MSc Digital Marketing & Analytics programme transmits the knowledge and skills needed to drive success in both data-driven and traditional approaches to marketing campaigns and initiatives. 

Core skills:

  • Critical Thinking: Gain a systematic understanding of the main theories of marketing and analytics, including how they drive strategic decision-making. 
  • Communication Dexterity: Develop a clear understanding of industry trends, traditional approaches and effective ways to tackle messaging in campaigns.
  • Analytical Expertise: Build confidence needed to practically apply data-driven marketing skills and methods into real-world business scenarios. 

Why Study With Aston University?

Aston University is a globally respected university that has been proudly acknowledged by numerous education authorities: 

  • University of the Year, The Guardian 2020
  • Outstanding Entrepreneurial University, Times Higher Education 2020
  • Triple Accreditation, from Equis, AACSB and AMBA
  • 30th Best University in the UK, The Guardian University Guide 2021

Excel in Your Career With An MSc Business Analytics Suite Degree

Join a group of motivated trailblazers in Aston University’s MSc Business Analytics suite. Learn in-demand business analytics skills, build your network with over 90,000 international alumni and unlock your leadership potential. The first intake of students to Aston University’s MSc Business Analytics suite programmes commences in May 2021.

Advance your career and enrol in the MSc Business Analytics suite programme today.

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