Why MBA Graduates Will Lead The Future Workforce

Why MBA Graduates Will Lead The Future Workforce
Why MBA Graduates Will Lead The Future Workforce

Why MBA Graduates Will Lead The Future Workforce

We are living through a radical transformation of the workforce, workplaces, and the way we work. The future of work is coming faster than organisations can keep up, and professionals are sprinting to bridge the skills gap and meet new demands. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated widespread change, from the shift to remote work models and the advent of “The Great Resignation” to advancing technologies and increasing digital connectivity. 

1.1 billion jobs will either change or disappear in the next decade due to technology. This prediction spurred a reskilling revolution, responding to an urgent need for human capital. As a result, many professionals choose to complete an Online MBA Degree to develop indispensable skills for the modern job market, including international networking, advanced problem-solving, and leadership acuity. 

Learn more about how an Online MBA Degree can help you reskill and upskill to thrive in a future ruled by new technologies, talent, and organisational needs. 

Top Skills for the Future Workforce Learned in an Online MBA Degree

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF), 50% of all employees will need reskilling by 2025 to keep pace with emerging technologies. The same report found that employers consider critical thinking and problem-solving first on their list of desirable business skills. Organisations faced unique challenges during the pandemic, and according to WEF’s report, this prompted employers to prioritise self-management skills, including active learning, resilience, stress tolerance, and flexibility.

Aston University’s Online MBA Degree is considered the Future of MBA programmes because it offers professionals “The Aston Edge” modules that allow students to tailor their education to unique goals and select either a global business, finance, or entrepreneurship pathway. After choosing a path, students learn the following practical skills for the future workforce.

Understanding the global economic environment

The future of work will depend on leaders who are comfortable communicating, negotiating, and networking interculturally. Students enrolled in Aston’s Online MBA Degree learn fundamental economic concepts in the context of the modern global economic environment. The international programme also encourages global networking events, connecting students worldwide and expanding opportunities for future business partnerships. 

Measuring and enhancing financial performance

Budgeting, measuring spending, and hitting revenue objectives will continue to provide value to organisations in the future of work. An Online MBA Degree teaches students practical financial skills, like how to interpret financial statements, aid organisations in their decision making, allocate capital, and communicate financial performance to stakeholders.

Delivering customer value

Customer expectations will rule the future of work. New customer demands are driving leaders to design business strategies around elevated customer experiences. Aston’s Online MBA degree hosts a module focused exclusively on delivering customer value. This module aims to develop the competencies needed to design a customer-based marketing and organisational strategy.

Crafting an organisational strategy

Although delivering delightful customer experiences is vital, it’s not the only component needed to craft an effective organisational strategy. Aston’s Online MBA also offers a module dedicated to building a comprehensive strategy, including the appropriate concepts, frameworks and models needed to inform strategic decision making. Upon graduation, students can devise an organisational plan, from ideation to execution.

Designing and managing operations, systems, and processes

Managing a business requires oversight of basic operations, systems and processes. Graduates from an Online MBA programme learn to use modern technology and automation, paired with people management to streamline business processes. Leaders skilled in process management are more agile, acquire less technology debt, and gain a competitive advantage over slower-moving organisations. 

Leading complex organisations

Arguably one of the most essential skills learned in an MBA programme is strong leadership. Aston’s MBA introduces students to theoretical and real-world perspectives on leading modern complex organisations. Students explore the complexity of human behaviour, processes, systems and cultures. As a result, they emerge with a deep understanding of how to negotiate, persuade, and inspire teams. They are also well-equipped to face organisational challenges and lead teams through crises and uncertainty. 

How the Aston Edge Prepares You for the Future of Work

How the Aston Edge Prepares You for the Future of Work

As students complete their Online MBA degree, they also participate in the Aston Edge modules. The Aston Edge is broken into three phases to help students choose which areas of development best fit their needs and create a personalised portfolio. Each phase offers different benefits, including career planning, networking, and relevant experience from a hands-on research project.

Aston Edge Futures

In Aston Edge Futures, students learn how to set goals, reflect on internal motivation, and map out their ideal career, including a concrete plan outlining how they will overcome challenges to reach long-term goals. The comprehensive and evidence-based personal career management plan helps students take tangible steps toward their future.

Aston Edge Reflections and Growth

In Aston Edge Reflections and Growth, students utilise the latest behavioural science methods to enhance communication skills. This module helps students develop greater self-awareness, build networking and relationship skills, and improve business communication. Additionally, this phase teaches business leaders to incorporate ethics, environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG), and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in communication, business strategy, and relationships.

Aston Edge Project

Future-focused leaders must apply learnings from the classroom to real-world challenges. The final stage of the Aston Edge asks students to complete a hands-on research project that showcases the skills and leadership capabilities developed throughout the Online MBA Degree programme. Students select an organisational challenge and identify the ideal managerial methods, business methods, and tools necessary to reach a socially responsible solution.

Lead the Future of Work With the Aston Edge Online MBA Degree

If you aspire to become an influential business professional and leader in the future of work, learn more about the comprehensive Aston Online MBA and the Aston Edge modules.

Develop foundational skills that will help you manage day-to-day tasks in the workplace and the confidence, leadership, and communication skills necessary to pursue your desired career.

Learn more about the Aston Online MBA and get the Aston Edge.

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