How Does the Aston Edge Boost Your MBA?

online mba student
online mba student

How Does the Aston Edge Boost Your MBA?

Aston University’s Online MBA programme prepares future leaders to succeed in the dynamic business world with a portfolio of tailored personal and professional skills. Alongside the Aston Online MBA core curriculum, students engage with specially designed modules known as “The Aston Edge.” 

Aston University developed the Aston Edge modules to prepare students for the modern business landscape and bridge the gap between the classroom and the job market. As a result, students with the Aston Edge can increase their employability with a robust portfolio and relevant experience in their final project. The Aston Edge content is founded in behavioural science and designed to help students develop their skills portfolio, think like leaders, and solve real-world business challenges.

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How Can I Get the Aston Edge?

According to The Guardian, an MBA is still considered “one of the most sought after qualifications not just because of their academic rigour, but because of their networking potential.” However, in the UK job market, where more than 61,000 people study for a postgraduate qualification in business and administrative studies (nearly a quarter of all postgraduate degrees), students must differentiate themselves.

The Aston Edge is offered alongside Aston University Business School’s Online MBA programme. The purpose of these complementary modules is to help students develop high-level leadership skills, critical self-reflection, problem-solving skills, and the ownership of personal career management in an international setting.

The Aston Edge is broken into three phases to help students choose which areas of development best fit their needs. After students complete their Online MBA degree, the Aston Edge helps them create a personalised portfolio. Each phase offers different benefits, including career planning, networking, and relevant experience from a hands-on research project.

The Aston Edge Modules

The Aston Edge modules are completed alongside the MBA curriculum and designed to enhance employability, teach practical skills, prioritise sustainability, and promote principles founded in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). 

Students learn the latest in-demand skills needed to keep up with an evolving business landscape, such as agility, empathetic leadership, international networking, effective communication, and negotiation.

By the end of the modules, students will have a personal brand, extensive global network and a rich network of vital business relationships. Students also differentiate themselves with a unique portfolio that continues to serve professional development well after graduation. 

1. Futures

The first phase of the Aston Edge prepares students to make the most of the Online MBA programme by building on critical skills. Students learn how to set goals, reflect on internal motivation, and map out their ideal career, including a tangible plan outlining how they will overcome challenges to reach long-term goals.

On successful completion of the Futures module, a student will be able to:

  • Critically reflect on their current strengths and limitations as a potential leaders of the future
  • Demonstrate a systematic understanding of the importance of personal motivation and ambition to succeed through and with others, while demonstrating personal excellence
  • Design a comprehensive and evidence-based personal career management plan

2. Reflections and Growth

In the Reflections and Growth module students foster self-awareness, build networking and relationship skills, and improve business communication. This Aston Edge module uses aspects of behavioural science to teach students how to effectively communicate with others. Students engage in activities, webinars, and networking opportunities in a flexible 100% online format. 

On successful completion of the Reflections and Growth module, a student will be able to:

  • Create meaningful business connections and maintain working relationships
  • Demonstrate effective networking skills and appropriate communication 
  • Understand how to communicate with professionals in a global business setting
  • Incorporate ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability in communication, business strategy, and relationships

3. Research Project

The final stage of the Aston Edge module is the completion of a hands-on research project that showcases the skills and leadership capabilities developed throughout the Online MBA programme. Students select an organisational challenge and identify the ideal managerial methods, business methods, and tools necessary to reach a socially responsible solution.

On completion of the Project module, students will have demonstrated the ability to:

  • Undertake a comprehensive research project in relation to a specified organisational challenge
  • Select and apply appropriate organisational and managerial methods, theories and frameworks in the completion of the research
  • Acquire and critically analyse appropriate data required to address the identified issue
  • Draw and present appropriate conclusions and recommendations in a form suitable to the context of the specific investigation

MBA Curriculum: Core Modules

Students enrolled in Aston’s Online MBA can either choose to follow a given pathway or select specific modules. This format even allows students to mix and match the following modules:

  • Measuring and Enhancing Financial Performance
  • Creating and Delivering Customer Value
  • Crafting Organisational Strategy
  • The Global Economic Environment
  • Designing and Managing Operations, Systems & Processes
  • Leading Complex Organisations

MBA Curriculum: Pathways

In addition to choosing a core module, students can choose to follow one of three available pathways based on their specific career plan goals, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Global Business

Learn More About the Aston Online MBA

If you have aspirations to become an influential leader in business, but you’re unsure where to start, learn more about the comprehensive Aston Online MBA and how to get the Aston Edge.

Develop foundational skills that will help you manage day-to-day tasks in the workplace and the confidence, leadership and communication skills necessary to pursue your desired career. 

Aston University graduates have access to job opportunities because employers recognise an Aston MBA and know that graduates are prepared to make an immediate impact. Over the last 20 years, Aston University has consistently been ranked as a top university for graduate employability:

  • 80th in the World and 12th in the UK - QS Graduate Employability Rankings
  • Join global alumni network of more than 100,000 - build connections with peers, instructors and potential future employers

Learn more about the Aston Online MBA and how you can get the Aston Edge.