MSc Business & Management Distance Learning Degree

Multiple Pathways

Tailor degree to fit professional needs:

  • Global Business:
    Learn about the global business environment and how it influences business decisions and behaviour.
  • Finance:
    Focus on financial management decisions, the characteristics of different forms of finance, and the linkages between organisations, the financial markets and financial strategy.
  • Organisational Development:
    Gain the critical knowledge and skills to identify and navigate key organisational development issues, including ethics and human resource management.
  • Entrepreneurship:
    Gain the skills necessary to start a successful small business or to innovate within an existing organisation.
Key Skills
  • Technical:
    Learn the IT, computing and other technical skills that will make you more marketable to potential employers
  • Critical Analysis:
    Understand financial reports and learn how to write insightful company reports
  • Presentation skills:
    Learn essential communication skills including how to present your ideas in a dynamic way
  • Problem solving:
    Become a constructive, critical thinker who understands the importance of solving problems
  • Decision-making:
    “More is lost by indecision than wrong decision. Indecision is the thief of opportunity.” - Marcus Tullius Cicero
Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

The module aims to enable students to understand and interpret a range of financial statements and other financial information used by organisational stakeholders to aid decision making in relation to the allocation of capital.

The module aims to enable students to develop the skills and competencies necessary to critically analyse organisational marketing options.
Strategic Management

The aim of the module is to introduce the main concepts and thought processes in strategic management and to enable students to analyse complex situations and make appropriate strategic recommendations.

The Economic Environment of Business

This module introduces students to fundamental concepts in economics, in order to develop an economic perspective on business decision making in a wide range of contexts and applications.

Operations Management

The module aims to provide an understanding of the role of operations management and how it contributes to business competitiveness.

Organisational Behaviour

The module also aims to introduce human behaviour in organisations. Further, it aims to discuss organisational processes from the perspectives of individuals and organisations, and from different theoretical perspectives.


The module aims to develop skills in defining a topic area, selecting appropriate methodologies, acquiring and critically analysing relevant data, planning a complex piece of work and presenting a well-structured report in a format appropriate to the investigation and audience.

Finance Pathway

Strategic Management Accounting - BFK503

Master the strategic tools and techniques accounting managers use to plan and control a range of international organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and the behavioural problems encountered during the process.

Entrepreneurship Pathway

Legal Challenges: Starting an Innovative Business - BSK513

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of intellectual property law, copyright, patents, trademarks, designs and know-how. The module will allow them to recognise what intellectual property rights exist, who owns the rights, how to protect them and how to enforce them.

Global Business Pathway
International Operations - BNK523

Gain awareness of the range of issues that, within an international context, constitute a holistic approach to the design and management of operations systems taking into considerations their social and environmental impacts.

- or -

International Marketing Management - BMK533

Develop insight into the special requirements for successfully conducting international marketing activities. Evaluate the impact of environmental changes on international marketing strategies.

Organisational Development Pathway

Learning and Talent Development - BHK535

Understand how different management functions can be enhanced through human resource development (HRD) initiatives and how HRD relates to business strategy and effectiveness.