MSc International Accounting & Finance

International Business Finance (15 Credits)

The module aims to consider the key principles and challenges of financial management decisions in an international context, and the linkages between organisations, the international financial markets, financial risk and international financial strategy.

Sustainability Accounting and Accountability (15 Credits)

The aim of this module is to introduce students to the different theories that underpin sustainability accounting and accountability. It will acquaint students with the nature and scope of alternative forms of corporate accountability, which goes beyond the traditional form of accounting model. Development of such alternative forms of corporate accountability is considered essential in the modern business world as evidenced by the publications of substantial CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)/sustainability reports by most G250/FTSE 100 companies. Students will learn the theory and practice of sustainability reporting with insights into the real-life corporate practices in this area.

Corporate Governance, Regulation & Compliance (15 Credits)

This module has an interdisciplinary focus, and its main objective is to provide a comprehensive understanding of the UK corporate governance framework. The influence of the UK framework in other countries is considered, and comparison with the frameworks in other jurisdictions is also made.

Global Business Ethics (15 Credits)

The overall aim of this module is to provide participants with the critical knowledge and skills to successfully identify and navigate global business ethics issues.

Strategic Management Accounting (15 Credits)

This module aims to introduce the strategic tools and techniques accounting managers use to plan and control a range of international organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors and the behavioural problems encountered during the process.

International Business (15 Credits)

The aim of this module is to provide a systematic understanding of the fundamental aspects of the global business environment that influence business decisions and behaviour.

The Economic Environment of Business (15 Credits)

This module introduces students to fundamental concepts in economics, in order to develop an economic perspective on business decision making in a wide range of contexts and applications.

The International Context of Corporate Reporting and Assurance (15 Credits)

This module aims to develop students' understanding of the practical application of both international financial reporting and assurance regulatory requirements. The module develops students’ understanding of the corporate reporting environment from the perspective of both the preparer of corporate reports and the assurance provider, providing a holistic view of the appropriate application of accounting and assurance principles in a range of international scenarios.

International Accounting and Finance Project (60 Credits)

The module aims to develop the knowledge, understanding and competencies necessary to impartially and critically analyse the performance, position and valuation of major public quoted companies. In so doing, the module aims to develop the skills of selecting an appropriate research methodology, acquiring and critically analysing relevant publicly available financial and nonfinancial data, and presenting a well-structured report in a format appropriate to the investigation and audience.