Oluwafikayo Fayeye

Oluwafikayo Fayeye


Can you talk a little bit about yourself and your background?

My name is Oluwafikayo Fayeye, and I currently live in Birmingham (UK). I am a medical doctor specialising in Neurosurgery and have extensive experience in both public and private sector healthcare provision.

What prompted you to pursue an online programme with Aston University? Specifically, why was online appealing to you?

Online distance learning was particularly appealing due to the level of flexibility it offers. The online nature of the program enabled me to fit my studies around my existing personal and professional responsibilities. Online learning materials were comprehensive, readily available, and could be reviewed at my own pace. 

What has the experience been like? Was it what you thought it would be like, and has it met your expectations?

My experience with the Aston online MBA has been universally positive. Coming from a medical background undertaking a management and business-centric degree program was somewhat outside my usual sphere of expertise. However, the level of support and encouragement offered by the faculty and fellow students has been excellent. The program struck a perfect balance of facilitating self-directed learning without leaving students completely unguided. The online MBA has resolutely met my expectations.

If you were giving someone who was considering an online course advice, what would it be?

In my opinion, the successful completion of the online MBA depends on sound organisational skills and strong self-motivation. Balancing the demands of the program with family and professional life can be challenging, but the rewards of programme are definitely worth pursuing. I would also just say enjoy the course. Seize the opportunity and immerse yourself in the whole experience!

Would you recommend the Aston programme and if so, what aspects of the course do you find appealing?

I would thoroughly recommend the Aston Online MBA program. The quality of the teaching and facilities is World class. The course offers a wide selection of modules which can be specifically tailored to your individual interests. The program is truly international, providing an opportunity to interact with such a diverse range of students from a wide variety of industries and sectors. The course is also relatively affordable providing a competitive and cost-effective option, especially for self-funding students.

Is there anything you’d like to add or anything you’d like to talk about that we did not touch on?

I just want to say to anybody considering this course go ahead and submit your application! My experience of this course has allowed me to grow professionally and legitimately participate and contribute at a high organisational strategic level.

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